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Best Budget Arm Wrestling Tables Of 2022 – Amazon Buyers Guide

Budget Arm Wrestling Tables Comparison

Arm wrestling tables can be a pretty expensive investment which can deter a lot of people from getting into the sport.

But thankfully, there are great entry level options for beginners who don’t want to fork out a crazy amount of cash just to start pulling.

Throughout this article, I’ll be comparing three entry level, budget arm wrestling tables that retail via Amazon.

I’ll explain the differences and similarities and help you decide what the best arm wrestling table for your needs is.


What To Look For In An Arm Wrestling Table?

Below is a list of all the things you need to carefully consider before buying an arm wrestling table.

      • Accurate dimensions – There’s an acceptable amount of variance in table dimensions for arm wrestling. Tables should be roughly 40″x26″x36″, but some manufacturers still manage to get it wrong occasionally.
      • Frame design & weight – You can tell a lot about the quality of a product like this from its weight. The top tier tables will weigh around 100lbs, but it is possible to find some decent quality tables around the 50-60lb mark as well.
      • Turnaround time – It’s not uncommon to have to wait 2-6 weeks for production time when it comes to arm wrestling tables. Some manufacturers are a lot quicker.
      • Upholstery & materials – Quality materials with well designed elbow pads are really important for arm wrestling tables if you want them to last.
      • Reasonably priced – There’s massive price variation when it comes to arm wrestling tables. Generally you won’t pay less than $330 for a table and some companies will charge twice that!

I’m going to discuss each of these down below as they pertain to the budget arm wrestling tables on Amazon and by the end of this review it should be abundantly clear which table you should buy.


Amazon Arm Wrestling Tables – Price Comparison

Let’s quickly take a look at where the three Amazon tables fit into the picture so far as price is concerned. The Amazon tables I’ll be comparing today at are bolded in the below table.


Typical Price

Price Rating





Arm Assassin












As you can see, two of the Amazon tables are right up the top of the list, making them some of the most affordable options around. One of them falls closer to the middle of the pack as far as price goes.


Arm Wrestling Tables Comparison – HXSYD, Veocore, & INNOLIFE

The three arm wrestling tables we’ll be discussing today are the HXSYD, Veocore, and INNOLIFE tables, all of which are available on Amazon.

I’ve done individual reviews of each of these that go into greater detail, so be sure to check those out for more information.

Below are a list of attributes to consider before buying an arm wrestling table. I describe the differences between each brand so you can get an idea of which is best.

      • Table Dimensions – All three tables do a really good job on this front. They’re all pretty close to the 40x26x36″ conventional arm wrestling table dimensions. They’re all acceptable for competition.
      • Turnaround Time – Quite often with arm wrestling tables, you’ll have to wait 4-6 weeks after placing your order to have it produced and ready to ship. One of the best things about these Amazon tables is that the all have exceptionally quick production and shipping times, which make them ideal for birthday and Christmas gifts! The Veocore and INNOLIFE tables will usually ship within a week of being ordered whereas the HXSYD tables will take a couple weeks longer.
      • Sturdy Frame – The major difference between these three products is the weight/quality of the frame. The INNOLIFE table weighs only 36lbs whereas the HXSYD and Veocore tables weigh 51lbs making them far superior in terms of rigidity and sturdiness.
      • Easy Assembly, Disassembly, & Transport – All three tables are put together very quickly using the Allen key provided. They can all be disassembled easily to transport to events.
      • Does The Job? – These tables are by no means top tier arm wrestling tables, but at the end of the day, all three of them get the job done. Despite the really light frame of the INNOLIFE table, the overwhelming consensus is that these tables do a reasonable job. If you’re particularly concerned about flimsiness, I’d stay away from the INNOLIFE table since it’s about 50% lighter than the other two.
      • Available On Amazon – Some manufactures require a bit of back and forth before they get to work on your table. All three of these tables can be bought in just a few clicks on Amazon which makes shopping really easy.
      • Price – The HXSYD table I feel is extremely well priced, the Veocore is also a pretty fair price, but the INNOLIFE table is more expensive for a worse quality product. The price doesn’t make any sense and I can’t see any good reason to pay more for this product.
      • Table Corners – For all three of these tables, the frame is just metal which means they may scratch your floor if you’re using them inside. Not too hard to work around that if you place it on a non-slip mat or something similar.
      • Elbow Pad Quality – For all three tables, the elbow pads are fairly low quality compared to the more professionally designed tables. Some users complained about the pads being particularly hard and not offering a ton of support or protection. It’s possible to experience some elbow irritation if you’re pulling hard on these tables.


Are Budget Arm Wrestling Tables Worth It?

So, should you get a budget arm wrestling table from Amazon? In my opinion it depends who’s buying it.

Who Shouldn’t Buy A Budget Arm Wrestling Table?

If you’re a seasoned arm wrestler or heavyweight or are planning on doing lots of training using heavy pully systems, these tables might be a little too flimsy for your needs.

However the HXSYD and Veocore tables weigh about the same as the Armbet/Assassin Strength tables which are endorsed by Devon Larratt, so you’ll probably be fine with either of these tables. You should almost certainly stay away from the INNOLIFE table, however.

Who Should Buy A Budget Arm Wrestling Table?

If you’re a beginner to the sport or are buying this as a gift for kids or younger athletes, these are absolutely perfect.

To be honest, arm wrestlers of all levels will be able to train on these tables, even though overall quality may not be amazing.

The HXSYD and Veocore tables are really well priced and are perfect as an entry grade table.

Personally I think these make a really excellent gift for anyone new to arm wrestling. They’re super quick and easy to order and assemble and ship fairly quickly too.


What Are The Best Arm Wrestling Tables On Amazon?

The answer to this is pretty black and white, in my opinion.


Typical Price

Overall Rating

Full Review

Buy Now







The HXSYD and Veocore tables are essentially the exact same product, only the HXSYD is $30 cheaper. However the HXSYD tables do take an extra couple weeks to ship compared to the other two.

I think you’d have to be crazy to buy an INNOLIFE table. They’re considerably more expensive than the others and 50% lighter (i.e. lower quality steel). It just doesn’t make sense.

The HXSYD arm wrestling table is my official recommendation for best budget arm wrestling table available on Amazon. It’s absolutely perfect for beginners and novices. Click the link below to grab one!

Be sure to check out my full comparison of the three best budget arm wrestling tables.

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