About Me – Writer, Poker Player, Athlete

My name’s Harvey and I’m an Aussie fitness enthusiast who’s been living in Thailand for a number of years now. I’ve been playing online poker professionally for several years, however I’m looking to transition into content creation and writing.

I grew up playing basketball and volleyball and have been working out regularly since I was 12 years old.

Harvey Meale


My Passion For Arm Wrestling

I discovered arm wrestling a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the sport. It’s such an incredible mix of strength and strategy and I found myself in awe of how dominant the top tier elite pullers were in comparison to their opponents. It reminds me a lot of poker – the top 5 guys in the world are so much better than the guys in the top 100, and those guys are exponentially better than us mere mortals! The levels to this game are mind blowing!

I quickly began learning as much about the sport as I possibly could. I started watching every match I could find online. I wanted to learn about what separated the elites from the rest. I consumed as much info about training as I could get my hands on and began amassing a wealth of knowledge on all things arm wrestling.

Unfortunately, living in Thailand, there’s not much of an arm wrestling scene here, and I’ve found myself severely deprived of getting any table time in. Which is particularly frustrating because there’s a huge arm wrestling scene developing back in my home town of Brisbane!

Nonetheless, my love for the sport continues to grow and my passion for learning remains as strong as ever!


Enter Armwrestling Zone

Since I can’t do much actual arm wrestling, I decided the next best thing I could do would be to start writing about it!

I found that there was a huge lack of quality informational content online pertaining to the sport of arm wrestling. Tons of people asking questions, but not much in the way of comprehensive explanations.

So I decided I’d start blogging about arm wrestling every day to educate others and to help grow this sport of ours.

I created Armwrestling Zone in late March of 2022 and have been writing articles every week ever since! My goal is to eventually build AZ into a one stop shop for all things arm wrestling. I want this to be the most comprehensive resource online for novices just getting into the sport to learn the ropes and get their questions answered.


Get In Touch!

If you’ve got any questions or simply want to reach out and chat about arm wrestling, please don’t hesitate to get in contact via my contact page. I’ll do my absolute best to respond to you within 24 hours.